School Outreach Service

The School Outreach Service

This was introduced in September 2021 by the committee; when we engaged
‘LETS Go!’
An education outreach worker specialising in children with Down Syndrome will visit the child in their school
and provide support. They will give advice and information to staff and parents and they will make recommendations regarding evidence based learning activities and strategies relevant to the individual child.
The service includes observation in the classroom, one-to-one individual assessment and target setting with
the child and teaching assistant.

The outreach visits are a half day once a term and at the conclusion of each visit parents are given a written report. The school outreach is designed to be flexible and tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and the school. This is being fully funded by CDSSG for the first year.

This is available for all school age children. It would be most helpful if you could please drop us an line and
let us know which school your child currently attends: