Early Development Group

Sarah’s Sunshine Group

This is a CDSSG run group to support the early communication skills and development for our youngest members from new-born to pre-school age; developing key skills including communication, listening, turn taking, sitting for periods and building attention span as well as developing fine and gross motor skills.

Pre-pandemic, the group had been running for almost three years supporting many of our members now at school.

Who is Amber?

Amber has attended the specialised, in- depth training run by Symbol UK to allow the Chichester Down Syndrome Support Group to deliver the speech therapy part of these groups. She has a mountain of resources, enthusiasm and ideas!

A message from Amber…

At the sessions we do several different activities which focus on skills such as: listening, word recognition, sound production, numeracy, colours – to name a few! The sessions are also a chance for the children to interact with others working on things like turn taking and sharing. When I’m planning the sessions, I like to focus on a topic and will base the activities on this, for example, food!

I’m not one to set homework, however, I do really encourage parents and carers to try the activities (or similar) at home.

As a parent I learnt a huge amount from attending a group just like this with Lucas, I hope these sessions do the same for others. 

Amber – Early Development Group Leader

Sarah’s Sunshine Group is heavily subsidised by CDSSG but a small contribution for the sessions is invoiced each term to the member.

If you are interested in your child attending Sarah’s Sunshine Group, please email cdssgsecretary@gmail.com

Amber with son Lucas